And the age of my house is…

So today I went down to city hall to figure out how old my house was. I was looking forward to an adventure. Maybe I saw The Divinci Code to many times. Was once to many? I anticipated searching through mounds old records and visiting forgotten areas of that ancient building. Heck I reserved all day for myself to do it. I woke up early, showered, got dressed, hit my favorite local brunch spot and headed on my way through a cold wintery day. I approached the building and my anticipation was bubbling. My first stop was the map room, and a gentleman there looked up my property map and said he had no information and to go to records room 154.

So the second step of my adventure begins!

On entry into the ancient room I took a number and starting to browse around. Computers… wait what are they doing here? Before I had a chance to break anything ancient and valuable a women asked me if I needed help. Of course I described to her the adventure I had been having thus far. She giving me an look asks for the address. She types it in, and 5 seconds later, its there. What? I mean, she didn’t even make me wait. There it was.


Right there in front of my face. I stared for a few minutes waiting for something to happen. Anything to happen. 1915 unchanged, there it was.

So that was my adventure, it took a total of talking to two people, 20 minutes and one computerized query.

I can’t help but think that computers in all their speed of organizing data, are taking something away. Namely, my adventure.

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