a philadelphian in San Francisco

So here I am on Philadelphia time in San Fransisco, my hosts have yet to awake so I am going to take advantage of the time and write about my experiences here as a visitor.

The parks and architecture are amazing, and the culture is extremely liberal. Perhaps even too liberal for me and I’ve always been pretty far left for a Philadelphian. Public transportation seems to suffer here much like it does in Philadelphia. My plane landed 45 minutes late after the last train left the station, forcing me to take a 40 dollar cab ride from the airport to my friend’s place.

At the street level, the city as a whole feels like South St on a good day. There is here too much trash, bums and graffiti, except here the graffiti is on million dollar homes, of course trade out red brick for colorful victorian houses.

The hills are amazing and it really gives one perspective. Philly has a can’t see the forest through the trees issue, that is, you can never really elevate yourself high enough to see the number of homes and sheer number of people, and I think that in a sense, makes the city seem much smaller. Here you are always within view of hills covered by homes and it is a constant reminder of just how urban this place is and by the totals it is only about half the size of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia could take a lesson from the parks here. It seems we have a habit of tearing out old trees. Here the parks are filled with beautiful old growth trees with amazing large trunks.

The arboretum is amazing and I’m left wondering why we are turning ours into a kid’s museum.

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