Why is Global Warming still a debate?

I think the point that a lot of Americans miss is that we are global citizens. We spend a lot of our time looking inward and many do not take the time to look out. I constantly hear from a number of people more or less saying: ‘I just want to maintain my lifestyle and not deal with this crap’. I often find myself floating towards this category, its hard not too.

The choices we make have global impact, the SUV I drive dumps CO2 into the air that every country breaths. The cork flooring you bought comes from South America where the very forests that have the ability to absorb that CO2 are being destroyed for their wood and to make your precious coffee beans.

The Earth IS getting warmer, a lot of species are dying, the ice caps are shrinking. These my friends are FACTS.


Yes, it is possible that we are now in a natural warming cycle. It is also POSSIBLE that some or maybe all of the existing warming has been caused by us and our carbon output into the atmosphere.

100 years from now, our children may inherit this wonderful warmer planet laughing at our environmental concerns of our current century.

It is also possible that 100 years from now, our children get a planet with no rain forests, mass extinctions, no ice caps, massive storms and many of our richest urban areas slowly being drowned by rising sea levels.

For better for worse we live in a capitalist society that caters to corporate needs and what the people want, not what the people need. It is both a blessing and a curse. No modern politician will say “we must sacrifice!” for there will always be some other candidate that will disagree to get votes. Until it is proven to be of financial benefit for corporations to reduce their environmental impact, laws will never be passed.

So the government is locked in litigation and bureaucracy. It comes down to personal responsibility.

Anyhow let me get back to my previous point. Being the second scenario most definitely a POSSIBILITY, I am going to do everything in my power to prevent it from occurring, I think it is lunacy not too. Especially when the lifestyle changes you can make, aren’t difficult and are actually better for your own personal well being and health as well!

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