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Why I drink…

Sometimes I wonder why we are here, and it keeps me up at night. Is our reality an illusion created by a collective unconscious. (AKA god/gia/buddha/whatever.) Are we an experiment of the universe to better understand itself? I once read … Continue reading

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And another thing

Who ever keeps sending a spam bot to this site, go some fucking advertising ethics you son-of-a-bitch. Your stupid ass spam bot auto posts 100 comments a day sending people to some viagra site. No, I’m not going to do … Continue reading

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On long distance relationships…

You know, it is really odd dating some one in California. I keep asking myself, how did it come to this? I feel as though we idealize each other a lot as there are these massive stretches of time apart … Continue reading

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Covering 95?

I’ve been thinking / saying this for a time. We should cover 95 much like Boston’s big dig. Granted it would be huge expense, but it is the only way we’ll able to reclaim out Delaware water front.

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