Wrangell St Elias National Park Canoe Trip Day 1

I just had a strange thought as I am writing these entries. Organizing these photos by day, may not be appropriate as essentially with the way daylight was operating… the entire trip was one long day.

Final boarding

Here we go final boarding call!

Last chance

Last chance to turn back.

Last Link

and so goes our last link to the rest of the world.


We’re really in the middle of nowhere. It was beautiful desolation. Not a lot of wild life, just the breeze, trees and water. Cloud cover was touching the peaks of the mountains on either side of the river, over the next 8 days, we see a lot of this. Though it was typically a drier month in July, we saw a fair amount of lite rain over the trip.

But then… look what we find:


We spent our first night here at Hubbert’s landing. We kept hearing some strange scratching sounds as if something was trying to get through the walls, and there were also some interesting diary entries left for us. We of course left one entry for us. Maybe one day I’ll get back here, and read it again.

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