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Happy Halloween!

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My first Youtube Experience

Seems as thought I’ve finally made it to Youtube. Here are photos from my company’s Halloween party.

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Designs for Working

From time to time, social critics have bemoaned the falling rates of community participation in American life, but they have made the same mistake. The reason Americans are content to bowl alone (or, for that matter, not bowl at all) … Continue reading

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Prayer for Philadelphia Playing Great Expectations Film Contest Grand-prize winner, I love it! See the other videos here.

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String Theory Defined in 2 Minutes

Discovery channel sponsored a contest for video shorts describing string theory. Here is the winner. Who would have thought, 2 minutes and with a rubber ducky. I love it.

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OSX Leopard = Not worth the Hype

As the Apple marketing machine pushes for sales of their next release of OSX, I was really taken back. When I first read about Leopard a few months ago, I was really excited for it. But mostly because I thought … Continue reading

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Argentines ‘auction’ votes online

Yup, thats right. Argentines are so disgruntled with their voting options, they have given up, and are trying to profit from it. So they post their votes on Ebay, and will vote for whoever pays more. Argentine electoral authorities say … Continue reading

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