Portland Oregon Part One

Nice Public Transit, how can a city so small have such a convenient, clean, and cheap public transit system. It cost me two bucks to get from the airport to downtown in Portland. It cost me 7$ in Philadelphia. The distance was greater here, and the car cleaner and nicer. Septa needs to be fucking schooled.

It hasn’t stopped raining since I got here.

There seems to be a significant Homeless Problem. I passed a lot of people sleeping on the streets last night, though, I have yet to encounter a begger.

Everything is amazingly clean. (This is probably because the rain keeps washing it all away)

Was approached by two people, one asking if I needed help finding something.(and I did) And another to tell me to stay away from a particular corner because there was a crazy bum there. Friendly People. There seems to be very little pretension here. This possibly is of course just my perception of things. Sometimes it’s easier to be friendly and open in a new place as you are just there and not caught in the grind of getting from point A to point B to meet person C or whatever and are open to such things. The lesson here is of course I should be more like this all the time, but I digress.

Ace Hotel Ace Hotel Lounge

The ace hotel is probably one of the coolest hotels I’ve stayed at. It feels like home to me here. I woke up to the smell of coffee in the hallway and I’m having one of the best cups I’ve had in a long time right now.

Portland Oregon Part Deux >>

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