Portland Oregon Part Deux

Keep Portland WeirdI saw a guy walking down the street randomly stop, collect a bunch of trash off the street, deposit it into a receptacle and then continue on his walk. Everyone who lives in a city should do this once a day.

The bus drivers here are very friendly. They post the bus schedules at the bus stops. (take a hint Septa)

I met a couple from the midwest, “yaaaa, yooknow ” they really do talk like that.

I went to McMenamins. Their IPA was exceptional, food sub par, the theatre space was exceptional, Simpsons movie was well… it is what it is… watching the Simpsons in a theatre in a huge chair with a quality microbrew in my hand was priceless. This is a good town for drinking.

Mills End ParkI learned that Portland holds the world’s smallest park. Utterly ridiculous, but I loved it. The river front parks are nice. Did see the sun for a bit yesterday, still raining a bit though, more grey skies today.

more Portland >>

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