more Portland

Spent more time yesterday walking around the city and look what I found:

Philly Cheese Steaks in Portland

Ace HotelI miss Philly! I’ve been spending way to much time in the hotel, but there is this amazing coffee shop and this really great restaurant and bar. The staff here are really great. A lot of locals seem to be hanging out here, and I’ve met and spoke to to many people to count.

Took a tour bus out to see the Columbia River Gorge. It was nice. Unfortunately it has been so cloudy my entire time here, I haven’t seen any real mountains. Each stop was so brief I didn’t really have time to sit and enjoy it. I would have liked to sit among the trees and the stillness for a time.

Multnoma Falls

Fish CounterLast stop was Bonneville dam with very impressive fish steps. There was an exhibit underneath it all with glass windows that looked out into the steps. They were in the process of doing a fish count. Apparently this women sits there for 7 hours a day and counts fish all day. Yes. She itterated a few stories about some strange things that she has seen pass by her window, shoes, baseball caps, a deer, turtles. No body parts though. Here is their website with a webcam onto the window photographed here. Isn’t the Internet cool? 😉

Portland Photos >>

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