OSX Leopard = Not worth the Hype

As the Apple marketing machine pushes for sales of their next release of OSX, I was really taken back. When I first read about Leopard a few months ago, I was really excited for it. But mostly because I thought they were keeping the real new features under wraps until a later date. But now that date is here, I can honestly say I am under thrilled by the new feature list.


The ‘secret’ features that I was hoping for, never came. When I see this list, I see really one one new feature that I’ll see myself using. The Time Machine looks damn spiffy. Spaces seems really cool, but thats been available for free via Virtue Desktops for quite a time. All the other applications just received minor functionality improvements. I see these minor improvements as something that I should be getting for free as I am already paying a premium for OSX and Mac Hardware. Here is my rundown:

Yeah, some neat and new GUI features and some new backend 3D stuff. Looks fancier but it’s really just a bell and whistle to the end user.

Gets coverflow and Quicklook. (Cool, but is this really helping me?)

Time Machine
Being dependent on an external hard drive to work is a little grating, but this looks like a really nice backup solution. Me already having an external drive, will make full use of this. But it sure would be nice if there was an online solution!

Do people use this at all? I always thought everyone was on some web based email by this time

IChat You can do custom backgrounds and application sharing. Yeah the backgrounds are fun but again, is it worth paying 100+$ for? Windows Messenger did desktop sharing a long time ago, this is how it should have worked to begin with, and now I’m paying for it? WTF

Steve, you just ripped the idea of Multi desktops. Linux has had it for years and OSX has had an implementation via Virtue for quite a time. Least you could have done was throw a bone to the developer of Virtue for all his work. God knows, he deserves it.

To quote the apple website: “Safari. Still the world’s best Web Browser.” Sorry Steve, I don’t see it. I never even use it, Firefox is superior, easier to use and the plugin architecture allows for some really cool stuff.

Parental Controls
Windows did this long ago, granted I’m sure OSX’s implementation will be superior, but this is something that SHOULD have been there to begin with, not part of a paid upgrade.

Boot Camp
?? Is there something new here I am missing? I’ve had boot camp installed for ages.

Thanks Steve, but I won’t be paying for this. This is of course only the opinion of a 30 something software engineer, I’m sure others will differ. Me? I’m content to wait until I buy my next mac to get the new OS. Which probably isn’t far away anyway, so I guess you got me anyway.

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1 Response to OSX Leopard = Not worth the Hype

  1. tubla-khan says:

    You fail at the internets, leopard is well worth it.


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