Most Fans Paid $0 for Radiohead Album

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Radiohead let its fans decide how much to pay for a digital copy of the band’s latest release, “In Rainbows,” and more than half of those who downloaded the album chose to pay nothing, according to a study by a consumer research firm.

Yeah and I’m one of them honestly. But in my defense, I actually did want to pay. I was scared away from their what appears to be piece-o-crap-website. I got all they way through the process of purchasing it by adding it to my basket, but I didn’t trust the site at all. It is so rank with grammar mistakes, I couldn’t help but think how many mistakes are in the code handling my credit card number.

Read the rest here.

So how about it Radiohead? Setup a Paypal link like most other online donation services. Give me a way of paying that I can trust and I’ll send you some cash. Hell, I’ll even send cash for the copies I gave of your album to my friends.

Great music BTW.

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