GPhone OS = Begining of end Microsoft Windows Monopoly?

GPhoneAs the world moves away from desktop computing and more towards cell phone like devices. Operating Systems like Vista and XP are going to fall by the wayside. The world needs smaller, secure, more flexible and faster operating systems for these devices. Symbian and Palm OS are great, but laden with restrictive development environments and heavy licensing fees. Windows Mobile while generally being open is a bit large, slow and well is just “bloated and baffling” [nytimes]. OSX on the IPhone is awesome, but well Apple being Apple will always just do it’s own thing, they’ll never have dominance till they open up a little more. This leaves Application and game developers developing any application they make multiple times for each OS, or just for one.

So what do we do? Google to the rescue.

By authoring a free (Linux based) and open operating system for this new device market they’re dropping their ace at just the right time. Getting buy in from Sprint and TMobile and others is a huge bone. The application development environment will be Java as I understand it.

We need open source software and creative commons to move us away from our dependence on the Microsofts, ATTs, and Warner Bro’s. Don’t underestimate the importance of having devices with open code in the market. The Microsofts of the world want to force us to have non-free operating systems to access the Internet. Yes, Google isn’t perfect, but if this pans out as I see it could, what is good for Google, is actually good for the consumer as well.

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