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Please, no more fucking social networking sites

Nope, I don’t care if all you’re best photos are on the site. No, I don’t care to try the latest facebook application. I get enough spam already. I get enough calls from recruiters already. I really don’t care to … Continue reading

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The next slum: slumburbia

For 60 years, Americans have pushed steadily into the suburbs, transforming the landscape and (until recently) leaving cities behind. But today the pendulum is swinging back toward urban living, and there are many reasons to believe this swing will continue. … Continue reading

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Star eats neighbor star and burps a planet.

Well, not exactly… but it’s fun to say. Check the article

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Technology Makes the instrument The reactable, is a multi-user electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving physical objects on a luminous table surface.

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.NET Domain Object validation through delegation

Over the years I’ve seen a dozen different ways to validate domain objects in any MVC framework. Everyone has got their own favorite method. I’ve recently been presented with the same problem again and recalled a particularly elegant solution I … Continue reading

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