Initial Thoughts on San Francisco

Rice a RoniRandom thoughts:

  • It’s very welcoming to new comers
  • My friends here have been amazingly supportive.
  • It’s more humid then I remember
  • I haven’t seen the sun much
  • It’s extremely bike friendly (I’ve only needed a car twice so far)
  • It’s an amazing city to be single in
  • Water is warmer then I thought
  • I still have yet to find Rice-a-Roni
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1 Response to Initial Thoughts on San Francisco

  1. Crazy Aaron says:

    Welcome to San Francisco buddy. We’ll miss you at OTR! That is, unless you have a desperate longing to return for a weekend.

    It is an amazing city. Lots of fun. So much to do. After living your life with the NYC/Philly ‘whatchoo want? fuggetaboutit’ mentality, it is a bit of a change 😉

    Hope to see you westside soon!


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