Gregory Z22 Daypack

1620956.jpgYou know, I’ve never loved a product so much to actually feel motivated to write a review for it. This all changed this weekend. I went to REI Saturday AM and found this daypack at a too good to mention price.

I was planning on dropping it off at home and then spending the rest of the day exploring the city, but after walking a few blocks decided to just put my current daypack into this daypack and well, really give it a shot. I’m in love with this thing. This pack’s air-flow back panel area props the pack slightly off your back, and totally avoids the ‘sweaty back’ syndrome that typically plagues me where ever I go. There’s also this amazing suspension system to keep the weight balanced. Just about every aspect of the pack is adjustable. By the end of the day, I was carrying about 15lbs, though my back would never know it. The two pockets on the waist belt proved to be perfect for keeping my digital camera within reach. Though I did not use it for my urban hiking, the water pouch would have been most useful as well.

I can’t wait to take this thing to the woods with me.

A++ Totally worth the full retail price of 100$.

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