The debate on the debate and the Politics of Fear

Mr. McCain’s decision was made more for political reasons than out of concern for the fate of the bailout deal.

Focusing on this one issue is reminiscent of Bush focusing on the Iraq war during his last campaign. People make rash decisions when their scared. By creating this doomsday scenario surrounding the economy he is probably setting himself up to be it’s savior in some way. We’ll see what their next step is. If the bailout bill passes and the ‘crises’ is averted, McCain is going to come out looking like a golden child.

This is a win win for McCain and kudo’s to him for the strategy. If he shows up at the debate it makes Obama look bad for forcing the issue and not caring about the Crisis. If he is a no-show, it shows he cares to much to worry about something so trifle as a debate. We’ll see how the parties spin it.

I’m scared… not for the economy, but the continued concentration of power and money around Washington.

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