On being back in a ‘real’ office

It was strange experience being back in a ‘real’ office after spending the better part of the last few years in startups, coffee shops, home or coworking facilities. My first two days have brought back so many memories of corporate life as I’ve sat in on technical conference calls, farewell cards, water cooler conversations, free tshirts and the office party.

Random thoughts:

  • I like my desk, I’m right next to the window (that actually opens) with an amazing view of the bay
  • Actually having cute non-engineer women in the office to talk to is nice
  • I can already see office political and personality conflicts
  • I forgot how true some stereotypes can be (aka the Office TV show), I both revel and despise this
  • It’s weird to see a mass entrance at 9, and exodus at 5.
  • The coffee is great
  • The engineering team seems awesome
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1 Response to On being back in a ‘real’ office

  1. Julien says:

    Enjoy your new position!


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