Religulous, Bill Maher’s new movie

I thought I liked Bill Maher. I mean ideologically, I agree with him on just about everything and he’s funny and half Jewish. (I seem to have a disproportionate amount of Jewish friends for a recovering Catholic). But this movie really swayed my opinion of him. I knew he had a big mouth but I appreciated how he would get people riled up and talking. I really wish Politically Incorrect was still on the air.

But I think he just went to far with this movie. I don’t know why people like him and Micheal Moore feel the need to produce movies that are so inflammatory. It’s one thing to talk about guns and the health care system, but you don’t poke fun at people’s belief systems, it is just going to create more hate. He would have done himself justice if he moderated himself, pulled back on the humor and anecdotes and just asked questions and not recut their answers to make them look like fools.

There were a few shinning moments: The interview with the Catholic astronomer, the interview with the priest in front of the Vatican, the senator to name a few. But then it quickly devolves into a series of short montages engineered for the short attention span.

Most of us have faith in something. But all faiths when looked at through the lense of science are of course going to crumble. It’s good to have doubt, and point out contradictions and wrong doings, but it’s wrong to disrespect and belittle belief systems.

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