The perception of vendor lock in

So I have this perception of my Android phone being more open and DRM free, and my Apple/iTunes account not being. I had an interesting experience this morning that I thought was best shared.

So, I just frustratingly bought an album a second time as apposed to trying to migrate it from my android phone to iTunes. About 6 months ago I purchased “O’ Brother Where Art Thou?” through my phone via Amazon.

I started by plugging my phone into my computer and browsing to the media folder. Given a list of 1000 or so songs, with no apparent way to grab one ‘album’ that I know I purchased from Amazon. I started browsing around for tools to sort through this, but all I really wanted to do was listen to a few songs from a particular album on my computer and not through my phone. After about 60 seconds, I’m just like “This isn’t worth it”. For 10$, I purchased the album again and had it playing 20 seconds later in iTunes.

I found it odd. For all of the openness and DRM freeness of the Android platform, I felt locked in, in this case by the lack of ease of use of the tools.

In iTunes, to copy an album, I create an MP3 versions of the track and then drag and drop. Would have taken 30 seconds.

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