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Joe’s 2016 Holiday shopping guide

2016 has been a unique year.  I know my post is a bit late for Christmas shopping, but here it is none-the-less. Giving our one and only planet some help: Union of Concerned Scientists National Resource Defense Council Giving the gift … Continue reading

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Setting up a work queue with jQuery deferred

So I had an interesting use case and solution this past week with Backbone, collections and server synchronization. The details aside, I needed to keep the backbone collection in sync with what was stored on the server. It seemed simple … Continue reading

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A year in Seattle

So it’s been about a year since I moved to Seattle from the bay area. (FYI, I am and always will be from Philadelphia, I lived in the bay area for five years.) Now that I’ve spent some time here, … Continue reading

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We should work less, not more

I’m paraphrasing a recent Slashdot comment that really stuck a chord with me and galvanized some thoughts I’ve been having for a while. We have the technology and resources so that people don’t need to work as much as they … Continue reading

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Working with Apache SOLR SynonymFilterFactory filter

I spent a bunch of time playing with Apache SOLR trying to get multiword synonyms to work. I have a very specific use case where the field I wanted to create synonyms for was a collection of tags applied to … Continue reading

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Programming the NS-500UR Led Sign

I recently purchased the NS-500UR Led Sign from an Amazon reseller for the PLOS Office. I wanted to have it display the latest 10 terms users have searched for given the search engine on our website. It was a bit … Continue reading

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I created my first github project. Log4Couch. It’s an appender for log4j that will write logging messages directly to a couch server.

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