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New map feature in iOS6

The new map feature in iOS6 while looking pretty awesome. Is pretty much DOA for me. (Dead on Arrival). I use maps for public transit information. The feature is only supported in the sense of “use this other application” for … Continue reading

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Using Java’s HttpClient to send a PUT

After a lot of searching the net, I wrote this method a few weeks back to write a string (or file) to a web server using Java’s HttpClient. It seemed ridiculous that I couldn’t find an example to cut and … Continue reading

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Bay Area dot coms

So today I spent the afternoon driving around Mountain View. After going to the Computer History Museum (which was awesome mind you) I stopped by Google, Apple and Facebook world headquarters. Food for thought, all of the campuses were non-descript. … Continue reading

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The perception of vendor lock in

So I have this perception of my Android phone being more open and DRM free, and my Apple/iTunes account not being. I had an interesting experience this morning that I thought was best shared. So, I just frustratingly bought an … Continue reading

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UTF Character encoding in MySQL

I’ve had on going issues with mySQL not defaulting to UTF8 and instead using Latin1 constantly. After searching around a bit on the mySQL forums, I seem to have found a series of settings that put a halt to the … Continue reading

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Just look at this Bananagram

Just look at it Continue reading

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Comcast VS FCC

Ouch, I don’t know how I missed this. So Comcast wins the right to tell you what data packets (That you paid for) come to your computer first. Basically, a site like Hulu (who might have a partnership with Comcast) … Continue reading

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