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Religulous, Bill Maher’s new movie

I thought I liked Bill Maher. I mean ideologically, I agree with him on just about everything and he’s funny and half Jewish. (I seem to have a disproportionate amount of Jewish friends for a recovering Catholic). But this movie … Continue reading

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Happy Day

How Barack Obama defied history Today is a good day.

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On being back in a ‘real’ office

It was strange experience being back in a ‘real’ office after spending the better part of the last few years in startups, coffee shops, home or coworking facilities. My first two days have brought back so many memories of corporate … Continue reading

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Cartoon me

I’ve made it to the cartoon world. Well actually, I made it a while ago, but I was reminded of it… and figured I would post it here to share. Link

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working remotely

I don’t know quiet what this means, but I’m working remotely today and in a coffee shop. I just looked up from my screen and noticed that everyone (5 customers, +1 employee) in the shop has their heads down in … Continue reading

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Since I’ve decided on skipping out on Philly for a time. I’ve been getting both more and more nostalgic on my relationships here and at the same time finding it harder and harder to maintain those relationships. In one way, … Continue reading

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fate & destiny

I’ve been mulling over this for a time, and I’m trying to balance my own wants and needs with what the world gives me, and it’s hard to distinguish what is given and what is made to happen if you … Continue reading

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