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I created my first github project. Log4Couch. It’s an appender for log4j that will write logging messages directly to a couch server.

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UTF Character encoding in MySQL

I’ve had on going issues with mySQL not defaulting to UTF8 and instead using Latin1 constantly. After searching around a bit on the mySQL forums, I seem to have found a series of settings that put a halt to the … Continue reading

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Just look at this Bananagram

Just look at it Continue reading

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f my life…

I’ve found a new pass time. “Today, my friend drove me me to catch the 8 pm train. Running late, we screeched into the parking lot at 7:57, stopped the car in a ‘no stop’ zone. I said goodbye … Continue reading

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upcomming election

2000 election: Winner=George Bush 2004 election: Winner=George Bush 2008 election ’nuff said. 🙂

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om nom nom nom nom….

Over the past few days I’ve run across of few random blog entries with the words “om nom nom nom”. So today I was like “ok, WTF am I missing out on here.” So I do a google so search … Continue reading

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XM / Sirius merger approved!

1 crappy company + 1 crappy company = 1 crappy bloated company. I would complain this is a monopoly if I had any faith in the industry. Their stocks haven’t budged, I wonder why. Link

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