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Bush Impeachment, will some one please make this happen?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) introduced 35 articles of impeachment against President Bush on Monday night, reading the resolution into the Congressional Record. Lying about Iraq, Torture, Spying with Patriot Act and Enron? Over 100,000 people have been killed in Iraq … Continue reading

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three anecdotes about China and the environment.

of three anecdotes about China and the environment. The first was from the Lonely Planet’s China guide, wherein one of the contributors said he was an avid jogger who moved to Beijing. Upon discovering the poor air quality, he decided … Continue reading

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On a whim I went to an Ethiopian restaurant called Dahlak’s last night to see a band play of all things. They band was great and an awesome time was had. I briefly met a guy from Ethiopia and he … Continue reading

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October 4,2007 Marks 50 years in Space

When Sputnik took off 50 years ago, the world gazed at the heavens in awe and apprehension, watching what seemed like the unveiling of a sustained Soviet effort to conquer space and score a stunning Cold War triumph. Awesome. … Continue reading

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Dutch government abandons e-voting

About a year after the Dutch government began seriously worrying about the integrity of e-voting machines, they’ve literally pulled the plug on the venture. Given all the problems with our own election system. I think we should follow suit. I … Continue reading

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China no car day

China will initiate its first-ever nationwide “no car day” this weekend in an effort to promote environmental health and alleviate increasingly gridlocked urban roads, state press said Monday. We should take a lesson.…

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Northwest Passage Open For First Time In Recorded History

Thats strange, I wonder what is causing this to happen. (wink) Click here

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