New map feature in iOS6

The new map feature in iOS6 while looking pretty awesome. Is pretty much DOA for me. (Dead on Arrival). I use maps for public transit information. The feature is only supported in the sense of “use this other application” for public transit information and linking to third party apps on their app store. Pretty big oversite here.

Apple, please fix. 🙂

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Using Java’s HttpClient to send a PUT

After a lot of searching the net, I wrote this method a few weeks back to write a string (or file) to a web server using Java’s HttpClient. It seemed ridiculous that I couldn’t find an example to cut and paste. So here it is for the next person.


public boolean store (final String file) {
HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
PutMethod method = new PutMethod("http://localhost:80");


try {
RequestEntity re = new RequestEntity() {
public boolean isRepeatable() {
return false;

public void writeRequest(OutputStream outputStream) throws IOException {
PrintWriter pr = new PrintWriter(outputStream);

public long getContentLength() {
return source.getBytes().length;

public String getContentType() {
return "application/json";


//Execute the method
int statusCode = client.executeMethod(method);

switch(statusCode) {
case HttpStatus.SC_CREATED:
return true;

log.error("Unhandeled result code {}", statusCode);
log.error(new String(method.getResponseBody()));

return false;
} catch (HttpException ex) {
log.error("Fatal protocol violation: {}", ex.getMessage());
log.error(ex.getMessage(), ex);
} catch (IOException ex) {
log.error("Fatal transport error: {}", ex.getMessage());
log.error(ex.getMessage(), ex);
} finally {
// Release the connection.

return false;

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Bay Area dot coms

So today I spent the afternoon driving around Mountain View. After going to the Computer History Museum (which was awesome mind you) I stopped by Google, Apple and Facebook world headquarters. Food for thought, all of the campuses were non-descript. Nothing like the amazing and older IBM, Oracle or Microsoft campuses. Google had these what appeared to be free bikes everyplace for general use. What a neat idea… anyhow… what I found most interesting were the kind of cars parked in the parking lots. Apple and Google might have been anyplace. Mostly empty said for a few random normal vehicles. Facebook’s parking lot on the other hand was chocked full (and I mean really full) of Mini Coopers, Range Rovers and BMWs… on a Saturday afternoon at that.

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The perception of vendor lock in

So I have this perception of my Android phone being more open and DRM free, and my Apple/iTunes account not being. I had an interesting experience this morning that I thought was best shared.

So, I just frustratingly bought an album a second time as apposed to trying to migrate it from my android phone to iTunes. About 6 months ago I purchased “O’ Brother Where Art Thou?” through my phone via Amazon.

I started by plugging my phone into my computer and browsing to the media folder. Given a list of 1000 or so songs, with no apparent way to grab one ‘album’ that I know I purchased from Amazon. I started browsing around for tools to sort through this, but all I really wanted to do was listen to a few songs from a particular album on my computer and not through my phone. After about 60 seconds, I’m just like “This isn’t worth it”. For 10$, I purchased the album again and had it playing 20 seconds later in iTunes.

I found it odd. For all of the openness and DRM freeness of the Android platform, I felt locked in, in this case by the lack of ease of use of the tools.

In iTunes, to copy an album, I create an MP3 versions of the track and then drag and drop. Would have taken 30 seconds.

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UTF Character encoding in MySQL

I’ve had on going issues with mySQL not defaulting to UTF8 and instead using Latin1 constantly. After searching around a bit on the mySQL forums, I seem to have found a series of settings that put a halt to the problem once and for all. Just add these settings to your my.cnf file:




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Just look at this Bananagram


Just look at it

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Comcast VS FCC

Ouch, I don’t know how I missed this. So Comcast wins the right to tell you what data packets (That you paid for) come to your computer first.

Basically, a site like Hulu (who might have a partnership with Comcast) will work well, but Youtube (Google owned) may not. They now have the right to throttle network traffic as they see fit. This brings up some really interesting implications with the NBC merger. “… when the same company produces the programs and runs the pipes that bring us those programs, we have a reason to be nervous…”

I would switch ISPs if Comcast wasn’t the only game in town. How is this not a monopoly?

Obama, please fix this.

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